#howtopub: How To Get Published.

how to get publishedWe kicked off our 2016 events with How To Get Published, an evening of insight from an author, agent and editor, through the process of taking a manuscript and getting it to print. With it being both invaluable and frank in advice, we’ve got a comprehensive recap for those who wouldn’t make it.

The panel featured agent Jenny Brown, author and Saltire First Book of the Year winner Helen McClory, and James Crawford, publisher at Historic Environment Scotland. While they do fit into the ‘author, agent, and editor’ spec, they also have experience in each other’s fields, making it a mix of advice for each step of the process. Continue reading “#howtopub: How To Get Published.”


#howtopub: Five Tips For Writers!

For our January event, How To Get Published, we want to give writers insight into the whole process of getting published, from your writing to agents, editing and going to print. So, to help a little at the very start of your journey, Claire Askew gives us five tips for writers!

1. Read, read, read… and then read some more.
Reading other people’s work helps you learn about every aspect of writing: what ideas work, how to plot, how to craft a good sentence, how to develop engaging characters… the lot. Writers who say they don’t read because they don’t want to be influenced are missing a major trick. Being influenced is the whole point! Continue reading “#howtopub: Five Tips For Writers!”

Once Upon a Time: Celebrating Hans Christian Andersen with Elizabeth Laird and Daniel Hahn

liz lairdThe Edinburgh International Book Festival doesn’t just take place in August in Charlotte Square anymore; it is now on the road throughout the year with their Booked! programme of events. Their latest offering saw us head to Assembly Roxy in Edinburgh on a rainy November afternoon to listen as Elizabeth Laird and Daniel Hahn delved into a fascinating discussion about writing and storytelling, work in translation and the legacy of Hans Christian Andersen. Continue reading “Once Upon a Time: Celebrating Hans Christian Andersen with Elizabeth Laird and Daniel Hahn”