Day in the Life: Cuttings Assistant – Vintage Books.

sypThis week for our Day in the Life series, we hear from Jamie Norman, Cuttings Assistant for Vintage Books, who works remotely from Scotland.

Right, first day on the job, coffee’s brewed, laptop’s on, flatmate’s in a hungover heap on the sofa. Perfect. Time to check the email before I get started – there’s an email from a publisher, chatting about Gutter magazine. The wonders of a massive publishing house – what is a cuttings assistant? they ask. Huh, I think, I should probably explain that.

Well, it’s a central role in supporting our publicity team; making sure that all their work acquiring reviews, features, interviews, all attention for our books in the national media is translated across to the business.

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Yay! YA+: Scotland’s Young Adult festival.

yay.jpgIn its second year, Yay! YA is a celebration of the Teen Reads Scene in Scotland, bringing together pupils from schools across the country in Cumbernauld Theatre, where they can hear from and chat to several excellent authors.

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#SYP2020: Intellectual Property.

SYP2020 Intellectual Property Session.pngIntellectual property is a tricky business in publishing, and 2020: A Publishing Odyssey looked to demystify the legal world by having representatives from both sides on hand: Mark Cruikshank of legal firm Brodies LLP, and Hugh Andrew of Birlinn.

“Intellectual property is at the bedrock of what all publishers do.”
“Intellectual property is at the bedrock of what all publishers do,” says Mark. It protects the way in which creations are expressed; they are an incentive to create. It’s an initiative-based industry. Continue reading “#SYP2020: Intellectual Property.”