#SYP2020: Lit Festivals in Scotland.


There are said to be over 40 literary festivals in Scotland, and we closed off our Tale For the Time Being thread by hearing from three. Continue reading “#SYP2020: Lit Festivals in Scotland.”


#SYP2020: Nick Barley.

Nick Barley banner.pngThe Society of Young Publishers Scotland were thrilled to be able to launch our inaugural conference with a keynote from Nick Barley, Director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Having been a publisher at Blueprint and editor at The List on his journey to the festival, his view of all sides of the industry was the perfect introduction to 2020: A Publishing Odyssey.

“We publish books because we want to change the world.”
Publishing, Nick begins, is a legalised gambling. In publishing a book, you raise the stakes on your own bet. So why go into publishing? “Not for the money, that’s for sure.” Continue reading “#SYP2020: Nick Barley.”