#SYPedit: Editorial: From First Draft to Finished Book

sypedWhen you consider a career in publishing, working in the editorial department is usually at the top of your list, so for our October event we wanted to offer a crash course into what the roles entail and how to prepare for a potential career in the field.

Meet the panel:
Chaired by Rosie Howie, Publishing Manager of Bright Red, we were joined by freelancer Camilla Rockwood, Jo Dingley of Canongate Books and Robbie Guillory of Freight Books for an hour and a half that got into the nitty-gritty of editing.

First, their backgrounds. Rosie is the only one to have undertaken a Masters in Publishing. Camilla studied drama, worked in pubs and bars for years and then decided to make a move for a career: she became the PA for a commissioning editor as Elsevier. From there, she found herself working in several areas of the field, and in turn decided to go freelance, working around her family life.

Jo studied English at St Andrews before undertaking internships at publishers including Penguin Press and Luath before starting as an Editorial Assistant at Canongate and working her way up to Editor across seven years.

Robbie studied European Literature at Glasgow and whilst there got involved with the creative writing scene, which was thriving. Alongside non-publishing jobs, he started a small literary journal and began freelancing for HarperCollins before landing the job as Publishing Assistant at Freight, moving up to Assistant Publisher in his few years with the company. Continue reading “#SYPedit: Editorial: From First Draft to Finished Book”


Day in the Life: Curator at Yay! YA+.

kirklandWith the latest announcement for 2016’s Yay!YA happening earlier this week, Scotland’s Young Adult festival, there’s no finer time to learn a little about what goes into putting on such an event. Luckily, author and festival curator Kirkland Ciccone was on hand to do just that!

I decided to set up Yay YA to help the Teen Reads Scene of Scotland. I write YA (Young Adult) books so it seemed like a sensible thing to do. It couldn’t be that difficult, could it? So I went out and started the process of creating a book festival from scratch. I was excited, I was happy, I was…absolutely deluded. For a start it wasn’t easy to get money. The usual places a future superstar of YA could rely on for funding wouldn’t easily part with their cash. Without exaggeration, I nearly named my first hernia after my soon-to-be born literary event.
Continue reading “Day in the Life: Curator at Yay! YA+.”

#howtopub: How To Get Published.

how to get publishedWe kicked off our 2016 events with How To Get Published, an evening of insight from an author, agent and editor, through the process of taking a manuscript and getting it to print. With it being both invaluable and frank in advice, we’ve got a comprehensive recap for those who wouldn’t make it.

The panel featured agent Jenny Brown, author and Saltire First Book of the Year winner Helen McClory, and James Crawford, publisher at Historic Environment Scotland. While they do fit into the ‘author, agent, and editor’ spec, they also have experience in each other’s fields, making it a mix of advice for each step of the process. Continue reading “#howtopub: How To Get Published.”