#SYP2020: Your Publishing Future.

SYP2020 Careers Panel

2020: A Publishing Odyssey

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Your Publishing Future: Careers Panel

The lay of the publishing land can be an uncertain one to navigate, but we’ve got a brilliant panel to guide the way! With great insight and years of experience in different areas, this panel is a must-attend for the next step of your career.

Panelists are:

Alan Griersonsyp alanCo-founder and director of Edinburgh’s award-winning
Bright Red Publishing, Alan knows how to make the most of your
studies and how to start your own publishing venture.

Fiona Brownlee syp fionaWith over 23 years experience in PR, marketing & rights
in publishing, Fiona knows what it takes to make those crucial
first steps in your publishing career.

Jen Wallace
Jen made her way from Sales Assistant to
Sales Coordindator at Canongate Books and will offer
insight into how to make the most of your early publishing years.

Leah McDowell (chair)
syp leahLeah McDowell will be acting at chair at the panel.
Leah is Design and Production Manager of Floris Books.

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