#SYP2020: A Publishing Odyssey.

syp2020 bannerWith over 150 in attendance including 30 guests across 14 sessions, and over 500,000 people reached on Twitter, our first conference was a real success! For those who couldn’t make it to #SYP2020, or missed a great session, we’ve got recaps of them all. Check them out below:

Nick Barley, Director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival

The Hunger Games: Hunting For Publishing Jobs
CV Workshop | How To Pitch
Coding Workshop | Your Publishing Future

A Tale For The Time Being: Publishing Now
Design in Discussion | The Power of Storytelling
Intellectual Property | Literary Festivals in Scotland

Divergent: Where Is It All Going?
Upcoming Publishing Models | Electric Bookshop
Indie Bookselling | Words and Pictures: A Marriage Made In…

Closing Panel
The Scottish Publishing Landscape

Live drawings by Neil Slorance | Photos by Chris Scott

We had an amazing day – massive thanks to everyone who came to our first ever conference.  We’ll leave the last word to some of you…

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