#SYP101: Unbound & The Good Immigrant

unboundThe traditional publishing model has been shaken up in the digital revolution, and exciting and innovative ways to market are being put into action all the time. Unbound has led the way on this, putting books back into the hands of readers as it acts as both a funding platform and a publisher. One of its runaway successes of the last twelve months was The Good Immigrant, a collection of essays edited by Nikesh Shukla exploring what it means to be Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic in Britain today. Joelle Owusu will be showcasing the excellent and important work Unbound are doing in breaking the status-quo of publishing. One not to be missed.

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Joelle Owusu – Unbound


Joelle Owusu is a Surrey-based writer who currently interns at Unbound, the London-based crowdfunding book publisher. In 2016, she graduated from the University of Aberdeen with BSc (Hons) in Petroleum Geology, but regards herself as a ‘lapsed Geologist’.

As a staunch advocate for intersectional feminism, she is committed to helping others acknowledge, accept and embrace their individuality. As a way of encouraging young people (especially People of Colour) to open up about their mental health, she self-published her diary, Otherness in October 2016.

More recently, Joelle has contributed an essay to 404 Ink’s hotly-anticipated anthology, Nasty Women, which will be published in March 2017. Joelle can be found tweeting at @joelle_o.

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