#SYP101: Internships Anonymous

internships.jpgInternships are a hot topic. Most publishers have done one, and it’s an ongoing challenge of the creative industries to balance very tight margins with ethical issues – how do we respond to unpaid internships, long hours, and high expectations from publishers?

The SYP is founded on the principles of supporting young publishers, and many of us will apply and go through the internship process, yet there is little discussion on the morality and accountability of internships across the industry in any visible way, as in such a competitive industry, no young publisher wishes to harm their prospects.

This can open the door to negative internships, and publishers who can use this silence to take advantage of young publishers and demand too much. Equally, we don’t shout enough about the brilliant employers and the excellent opportunities that a positive internship can create – as even those young publishers in negative internships feel pressured to reflect a positive professional front across social media.

In this closed-door session, only recent publishers, students, and those not in a management position will be allowed in to share their thoughts and gain this real insight into the world of internships.

To do this, we need your stories. You can tell us anonymously, you can put your name to it, we just need your internship experiences good, bad and ugly, to give those coming into the industry real examples that they’ll likely never hear about elsewhere. You can share your experiences anonymously via Survey Monkey.

We want to enable conversations on the good, bad and ugly internships out there. They can be a helpful step on the ladder to a successful career in the publishing industry, but there are many out there who exploit aspiring publishers. We want to help you figure out the pros and cons in a very open session on the matter.

The chair:
Catriona Cox – PhD candidate

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Submit your experiences anonymously (or with your name attached!) for the session via Survey Monkey.