SYP Mentoring

The SYP mentor scheme runs from November to July. 2014-15 is currently full, but we will be accepting new mentees later this year. Sign up to the SYP Scotland newsletter to keep up to date on the applications reopning.

Want to join the SYP? Full information here.

Just started a degree in publishing or its related fields? Been working in publishing for a couple of years and are wondering how to take the next step up in your career? Dying to talk to someone who has actual experience of progress in the publishing industry? Then the SYP mentoring scheme is right for you!

Part of the SYP’s mission is to provide tools for young publishing professionals to begin or advance their careers in the industry. We already host a wide range of exciting events that aim to do this while also expanding our members’ network in the creative industry.

Our mentoring scheme aims to take our mission one step further. We want to give our members tailored advice on their careers; be it how to start your career in publishing or how to take that next step up. In our mentoring scheme, you will be paired with a mentor who will meet with you throughout the year for one-to-one sessions. Your needs will drive these sessions, ensuring that you get exactly what you need from your mentor – whether it be general advice on the industry or information about a specific department or area of publishing. As well as that, having a mentor will also expand your network which can be key in securing that first job, or even advancing in an established career.

Interested? Send us an email at with your CV and less than 300 words about who you are, what you do and why you’d like a mentor. Applicants must be a member of the Society of Young Publishers; please include your SYP membership number in your application.

“This time last year I applied for an SYP mentor to help guide and advise me in my publishing career. It was one of the easiest, smartest things I did to help me through a tough postgraduate degree. Mentors are available in a variety of fields and subjects and can advise you on coursework, be a second pair of eyes for your CV or a contact for you throughout the year, especially when it comes to… your dissertation.

When you meet and what you talk about is up to you. To join the scheme, you only need to write a paragraph or so about who you are and what you think you could be helped with (if you have no idea yet, someone can help you with that too!) and send it to This will help the SYP guide you to the right mentor. And it’s free – as you should all be SYP members by now anyway! I’ve never been to a dull SYP event. They’re perfect for to find out something new, meeting people in the industry and seeing how it functions, finding out about opportunities and meeting up with your classmates!”
– Eve Scott, MSc Publishing 2013-2014, Edinburgh Napier University

So there you go, it’s quick, easy – and invaluable.