Publishing Round-up: 06.09.17

Publishing Scotland New Books Scotland


Publishing Scotland have launched their New Books Scotland August/Winter 2017

Catalogue. Check it our here.

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Publishing Round-Up: The Edinburgh Festival Edition



The Edinburgh International Book Festival is in full swing, and publishing houses from across Scotland & beyond are bringing their boldest and brightest to the fore of the book world. There are events in every genre, for children and adults, so why not have a search, or browse through the full brochure

Many of the SYP Scotland committee will be there throughout the festival, so come say hello, and bask in a world of bookish goodness with us, Cheers!

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A Day in the Life: Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison of Freshers

Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison have collaborated to bring us Freshers, one of the most hotly anticipated YA books of the summer from Chicken House Books. Here they address what it’s like collaborating on a novel together, tackling procrastination and the importance of reading your writing out loud.


Our typical writing day changes massively depending on which stage we’re at in the writing process. If we’re working on the first draft of a book, we don’t really even meet up in person: we will just write separately, emailing chapters back and forth and continuing the story that way, like an extremely elaborate game of ‘Consequences’.  Continue reading “A Day in the Life: Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison of Freshers”