Announcing… SYP at 9 Panels!

June’s swung round already, and we’ll be taking a summery trip to 9Panels, Glasgow Comic Con’s industry conference, to discuss pitching in the world of comics. Join us from 11.30-12.30, June 30th at the CCA in Glasgow.

Whether you’re interested in comics, magazine or book publishing, or fancy sharpening your pitching skills, we’ll have you covered with an excellent event. The line-up currently features Jamie Norman, Campaigns Assistant at Canongate Books, and Heather McDaid of publisher 404 Ink.


10:00 Welcome + Tea and Coffee
10:25 Introduction by Frank Quitely
10:40 Keynote Speaker: Fionnuala Doran
11:30 Digital Drawing Masterclass Amy Reeder

12:30 Lunch
1:30 Market Makers Panel
2:30 Clubroom: Artist/Writer Speed Date
3:00 Tea and Coffee
3:30 Clubroom: Portfolio reviews and submissions
with Comichaus, Markosia and BHP Comics
4:30 Writer’s Q&A with John Wagner
5:30 Clubroom: Mixer

We’ve teamed up with 9Panels and are happy to offer SYP members the concession price entry! We’ll also be sharing something special for the full Comic Con in our member newsletter, so if you’re not an SYP member sign up now.

Read more here or let us know you’re attending here!


How to Interview for Editorial

At our latest event Jo Dingley, editor at Canongate, talked us through her experiences of interviewing for jobs in editorial, and shared her top tips for getting those coveted entry level roles.

Jo started by describing the various roles in editorial, highlighting the importance of having an understanding of how the pieces of the editorial puzzle fit together, and noting that being able to specify which type of role you aspire to will help candidates get ahead. Though job seekers should be willing to gain experience wherever available, knowing what types of books you want to work with, and how you want to be involved in their development is useful. Considering whether you are aiming to be a production editor or a commissioning editor is a good place to start. Be ready to explain why you want to be an editor, not only because it is likely to come up during an interview, but also because it will be valuable in maintaining motivation during your job hunt.

Your goals and needs should not be forgotten during the interview process. Though there is a tendency to focus on what the interviewer is looking for, Jo highlighted that the company should also be aiming to woo interviewees. This holds true, despite the highly competitive nature of editorial positions.

Tests are often part of the application process for entry level roles in editorial departments. Jo mentioned taste tests, and recommended that job seekers keep a list of their top 10 recent books at the ready, along with proofreading tests, and readers’ reports prepared in advance.

Jo closed the session by asking us for the trickiest questions attendees had faced in interview situations, explaining what type of information she would expect in response. Different publishing houses will have different questions, and will be looking for different answers; however, the goal across the board is to determine how well you fit with the company and their culture.



April Book Swap

For our latest social we put on a Book-Swap at Mad-Hatters in Edinburgh. It was a good excuse to have a nosy at what kind of books we’re all into whilst having a drink and a chat at the same time. If you missed out, fear not! We have monthly events that usually have social drinks afterwards, and we’ll be having another social event soon.