#SYP101: The Good, The Bad and The… Young – Floris Books.

Ahead of our conference Publishing 101: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, Suzanne Kennedy, Sales & Marketing Manager at Floris Books, writes about Young Kelpies, and how it thoroughly ticks the ‘good’ side of publishing!


You see a gap in the market and you fill it. Right?

We launched the Young Kelpies list in August 2015 in recognition of the dearth of books specifically for Scottish reluctant readers and children in the 6-8 age range. At the risk of sounding incredibly earnest, the value of children seeing their locality, language, humour or background reflected back at them in a book is immeasurable. It’s about publishing books relevant to their readers.

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Day in the Life: Intern at Floris Books.

The first step on the publishing ladder for many is an internship, so this week we hear from Justine Bottles, who has been interning with Floris Books this year.

justine.jpgFor publishing postgraduate students wanting to break into Scotland’s vibrant publishing industry, internships and work placements are essential. When I began the MSc Publishing course at Edinburgh Napier University, I didn’t have a set idea of what I wanted to do but knew I needed to gain work experience in order to become hireable. I decided to explore marketing and with my love of children’s literature, working with children’s books made a lot of sense. When an internship opened up at Floris Books, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me. Armed with fresh InDesign skills and a vague sense of what a marketing department actually did, I threw myself into the wonderful world of children’s publishing.
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Day in the Life: Cuttings Assistant – Vintage Books.

sypThis week for our Day in the Life series, we hear from Jamie Norman, Cuttings Assistant for Vintage Books, who works remotely from Scotland.

Right, first day on the job, coffee’s brewed, laptop’s on, flatmate’s in a hungover heap on the sofa. Perfect. Time to check the email before I get started – there’s an email from a publisher, chatting about Gutter magazine. The wonders of a massive publishing house – what is a cuttings assistant? they ask. Huh, I think, I should probably explain that.

Well, it’s a central role in supporting our publicity team; making sure that all their work acquiring reviews, features, interviews, all attention for our books in the national media is translated across to the business.

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