Publishing Round-up: 06.09.17

Publishing Scotland New Books Scotland


Publishing Scotland have launched their New Books Scotland August/Winter 2017

Catalogue. Check it our here.


Publishing Starter Salaries rise but Gender pay
gap still occurring

Starting salaries in publishing have risen by pover 13% for 18-23 year olds, reports the bookseller. Suzanne Collier found that The survey results showed the current gender pay gap at 15.7%, a minor change from a previous 16%. Suzanne said

“Where men and women are performing equal roles, the equal pay gap is negligible, and in some cases women are getting paid more than their male counterparts,” However, the disparency exists as a result of more males in the top-paying industry roles.

Read more here.

Akbar to edit Unbound Arifa AkbarLiterary Journal

Unbound is launching Boundless, an editorially-independent online literary magazine dedicated to long-form writing. Attached as editor is former Independent literary editor Arifa Akbar, who said: “I think digital coverage around books and ideas is opening and increasing in content and quality. We want to add to that.”

Read more here.

Google and Bertselman to FundBertelsmann_8 75,000 Digital Scholarships


Through US online Education provider Udacity, Bertelsmann and Google are between funding 75,000 scholarships. Scholarships will be split across Data Science, Web and Android development.

The programme covers EU and EFTA countries, and is extended out to include Israel, Turkey, Egypt and Russia.

Read more here.


Saltire Society Scottish Publisher


of The Year Awards 2017 Open for Entries

The vitality and innovation of Scottish based publishers contribute immeasurably to the health of our cultural landscape and national dialogues, and so the Saltire Publisher of the Year Award and the Saltire Emerging Publisher of the Year Awards were launched, to celebrate and support their continued achievements and innovations.

Deadline to enter is noon on Friday 15th September
Read more and apply here


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