Five reasons to get your Publishing 101: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly early bird tickets!

syp-bannerWith Publishing 101: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly just over two months away (already!), it’s the perfect time to get your early bird tickets and join us on Friday 3rd March at Central Hall in Edinburgh. Forget one reason, here’s five.

2017 should be better than 2016.
Let’s face it, last year sucked. A lot. Start 2017 with good things. Treat yourself to a ticket for a conference that will not disappoint. We’re doing what it says on the tin: the good, bad and ugly of publishing. No matter the stage in your career or ambitions, you will get something from this conference.

We’re dodging nothing.
We could just look at all the awesome things in publishing (and, admittedly, we will be doing some of that), but it’s going to be useful, and it’s going to be real. Brexit is being put under the microscope with its own dedicated session – though we suspect it won’t be its only mention – and we look at the industry as a whole and the real effects of what’s going on in the world.

We’re getting creative.
This one’s a more mysterious reason to join us, but if you’re sick of watching eight hours of panels, we feel you. We’ve got some secret events (literally, they will be secret, even our incessant blogging won’t be touching them, for reasons that will become apparent in time), chances to pitch, to meet new people – sure, there will be some panels, but we’re shaking up the conference system, and it’s going to be something.

Some of the feedback from #SYP2020. Click to view full size.

Uh, did you see last year’s conference?
Just kidding. It was pretty good, though. Bias aside, the feedback to SYP Scotland’s first conference, 2020: A Publishing Odyssey, was incredible, and we’ve taken all the feedback on what you would like to see and are building on it for this year. You can read up on every single session we had over here, and watch this snazzy video for an overview of what our inaugural conference looked like:

It’s cheap(er)!
While we’re planning bigger things than ever before and upgrading the venue, our prices are the exact same as last year. And, for about a week or so more, they’re on early bird, which is even cheaper. Don’t miss out on the cheapest way to get into the SYP conference! Book your tickets over on Universe today.



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