A look back at SYP Scotland’s 2016.

The year that never seemed to end has finally… well, it’s almost there.  For SYP Scotland, it’s been our biggest year yet, and we thought it was the perfect time to relive just what we got up to these last twelve months and look ahead to 2017. So let’s go for a wander down memory lane…

January: How To Get Published.
We started our year with a crash course in taking a manuscript from an idea, through an agent, to getting published. Joined by author Helen McClory, agent Jenny Brown, and publisher James Crawford, it was a  brilliant insight into the route to getting published, for publishers and writers alike. Read more here.

February: Insight Into Publishing.
Next up, we headed over to Glasgow to give – aptly! – an insight into publishing for undergraduate students considering a career in publishing. Joined by Rosie Howie of Bright Red Publishing, Catriona Cox, SYP Scotland chair and previously of Publishing Scotland and Freight Books’ Adrian Searle, it was certainly an illuminating glance at what the industry has to offer. Read more here.

March: 2020: A Publishing Odyssey – SYP Scotland conference.
What was March? Oh, yeah! It was our first ever conference. With a keynote from Director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival Nick Barley, and speakers across books, comics and magazines, the real behemoths of Scotland’s publishing world, it was a day that you can relive, event by event. Read more here.

April: Spring Social.
Deadlines and exams are on the horizon, so we had a more relaxed affair after March. On top of a chance to meet up and chat, we debuted our fabulous conference video.

May: Coding Workshop.
We got hands on in May with a coding workshop. On top of giving insight, we in the Scotland committee believe that skills are becoming increasingly important in the industry, and we thought there was no finer time to partner with Creativelab’s Scott Russell and dive headfirst into XML, InDesign and more. Read more here.

June: Comics Publishing: Concept to Cons.
We partnered with Glasgow Comic Con to put on a panel event as part of their Comic Festival, diving into the world of comics publishing. With Sha Nazir and Kirsty Hunter of BHP Comics, writer John Lees, illustrator Clare Forrest, and chair Nicola Love, we went from the seed of an idea, through self-publishing, traditional publishing, to conventions. Read more here.

June: The return of #SYPchat!
We revived the ol’ Twitter chat to showcase comics publishing ahead of our event. Who joined us? Well, we have the utterly fabulous Hannah Berry, 2000AD’s Pat Mills, and illustrator of the Walking Dead and the new comics laureate, Charlie Adlard. Read more here.

July: Pub(lisher’s) Quiz.
In the height of summer, we grabbed a drink and got quizzing. The booksellers from Blackwell’s won and put all the publishing teams to shame. Sigh!

August: Down the Rabbit Hole.
Live narrative non-fiction, or as we call it: live life. We put on three performances of real stories told like you’ve never seen them before. Matt Macdonald spoke about the power of numbers, Angela Hughes and Paul Docherty discussed the journey of undergoing a heart transplant with musical accompaniment, and author Mary Paulson-Ellis spoke about living beyond death. Very powerful stories, and we recommend you go watch the videos on our blog. Read more and watch here.

September: Social!
We got to meet the new cohorts from Edinburgh Napier and the University of Stirling, plus a whole host of publishing professionals and others interested in the field. Read more here.

October: Editorial: First Draft to Finished Book.
We know that most come to publishing with a view to do editorial, so we gave everyone the opportunity to dive into the nitty gritty of the field early on in the year. Canongate’s Jo Dingley, Freight’s Robbie Guillory and freelancer Camilla Rockwood joined Rosie Howie of Bright Red Publishing to really get into the fine detail of the ins and outs of publishing’s most sought after role. Read more here.

November: Freelancing 101.
Skills are increasingly vital in Scotland’s publishing climate, and more widely, so what better way to end the year of events with a crash course in the what, why and how of freelancing? Fiona Brownlee, Jamie Norman and Julie Fergusson are a freelancing force with a vast range of experience, and they gave a great insight to those looking to go solo. Read more here.

We ended the year with a party, but also some silver linings to the cloud of 2016. Mairi Kidd of Barrington Stoke, Peggy Hughes of Literary Dundee and Rachel Arthur of Boom Saloon joined us to talk about their exciting projects over the year. Read more here.

Keep up to date with SYP Scotland on Twitter at @SYPScotland, and Facebook.

So what next? Well, we’ve got a few more monthly events up our sleeves, but remember that conference we did back in March? Well, we’re doing that again. Read more about Publishing 101: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, book your early bird tickets and RSVP for the latest information on Facebook.

2017? Bring it on!


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