SYP Scotland is looking for two student reps!

We are looking for one student from both Edinburgh Napier and the University of Stirling to help share and promote what’s going on with SYP to their respective publishing courses. As we aim to be a valuable resource for students, there’s no finer people to help spread the word! On top of keeping your course-mates up to date with the latest SYP happenings, it’s also a good note to have on your CV.

If you would like to be our student rep, please send 100 words to explaining why you would like the role and what you could bring to it. The deadline is Friday 14th October 2016.

The Society of Young Publishers looks to assist those in their first ten years in the publishing industry. We do so through monthly events, a programme of online events and our blog; we also hosted our first conference, 2020: A Publishing Odyssey, in March, with 2017 planning underway – all in all, a very exciting time to be involved with SYP!


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