The Saltire Society Literary Awards Shadow Panels are BACK!

saltireLast year, we launched the shadow panels for the Saltire Society’s Literary Awards, where students, publishing aficionados and young professionals read the shortlists for various awards and judged them – it didn’t have an impact on the final outcome, but gave the opportunity to see how the judging process works (and with a 75% hit rate on picking the same winner, we dare say getting you ready for a potential career in book judging…)

Anyway. It’s back for 2016!

What you would be doing:

  • You will get a copy of the shortlist for your designated category to read, in e-book or print format, stock depending (about 5-7 books).
  • You meet up with your group to discuss in a book club format.
  • Group meet up: Each award group will meet one evening between the 7th-10th November at the Saltire Society offices.
  • You will be expected to take part in either a blog or podcast for the discussion.
  • You will be invited to the Saltire Society Literary Awards 24th November.

What we need from you: Fill out this application form to apply.

To learn more about this and how to apply, click here. If you have any queries, just drop us an email at You can also learn more about the Saltire Society and their awards at their website


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