SYP Scotland Mentoring Scheme 2016 is OPEN!

cropped-syp11.jpegWant to work in publishing? If you want mentoring from someone in the publishing industry, then the SYP scheme is right for you!

Successful applicants will be paired with a mentor who will meet with you throughout the year for one-to-one sessions. Your needs will drive these sessions, ensuring that you get exactly what you require from your mentor, whether general advice on the industry or information about a specific department or area of publishing. Having a mentor will also expand your network which can be key in securing that first job, or even advancing in an established career.

Places on the mentoring scheme are competitive, so we cannot guarantee everyone a place, but we definitely can’t pair you with a mentor if you don’t apply!

Click here to fill out the application over on Survey Monkey. Deadline to apply: Friday, 30th September 2016.

* Applicants must be a member of the Society of Young Publishers. Want to join the SYP? Then visit


2 thoughts on “SYP Scotland Mentoring Scheme 2016 is OPEN!

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