#SYP2020: CV Workshop.

SYP2020 CV WorkshopAs our first event of The Hunger Games: Hunting for Publishing Jobs stream, we had a CV Workshop. We heard from two consultants at Denholm Associates, Scotland’s number one consultancy in creative recruitment.

Steph Buckley, Senior Consultant at Denholm, works with an impressive range of branded businesses, across sales and marketing; Lena Rübelmann, Associate Consultant, comes from a family of publishers and has a passion for all of the creative industries.

The two experienced consultants handle Publishing CVs on a daily basis, so who better to tell us the dos and don’ts?

We start the session by considering the purpose of a CV: Publishing is all about storytelling and your CV is your story.

They note that employers, on average, spend just seven seconds on reviewing our CV. To make your CV shine, they advise keeping it simple and easily digestible. Your CV is a written version of you and your first chance to engage with potential employers, so make it stand out, use impactful buzzwords to illustrate that you are motivated, highly skilled and have achieved success. Also, don’t neglect your digital CV, your LinkedIn profile, give yourself the best opportunity to get noticed.

As consultants, in a Publishing CV they’re looking for:

  • Sound understanding of the publishing industry
  • Practical experience e.g. internships, traineeships, volunteering
  • Candidates who demonstrate a strong commercial understanding
  • Experience of Presenting
  • Understanding of consumer/market segmentation
  • Strong digital skills, experience of working with new media
  • Transferable skills
  • Keen interest in pursuing a publishing career

They also advise trying to show employers what you can do as soon as possible. Be creative and show them who you are. A great example is this CV from a HTML Designer can be seen here.

CV Workshop 2Steph and Lena say that the five big questions your CV should be able to answer are:

  • What is your working style/personal attitude to work?
  • What do you feel your main skills are?
  • What added value do you bring?
  • What kind of roles/jobs excite you?
  • Why are you interested in this role?

Their parting advice was to take some creative risks. If you need more than one page to tell your story, don’t be afraid to do it, just make sure it works! Be proud of what you do and go for it!

For all updates and recaps from #SYP2020, click here.


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