#SYPcon: A Week in the Life of DC Thomson’s Comics Team.

Ahead of comics being explored at our conference this month, and the likes of Dunfermline Comic Con happening this weekend, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the comic industry in Scotland. So, let’s have a sneak peak into what goes on in the offices of DC Thomson.

We have a team of 11 in-house editorial and design staff who work on our portfolio of comics titles – The Beano, Commando, Dennis the Menace & Gnasher’s Epic Magazine, The Broons and Oor Wullie. With so many comics going to press, we work really hard, but we find time to have a lot of fun, too! Here, our Editorial Assistant, Georgia Battle documents a typical week in pictures.

‘Georgia the Minx’IMG_2513

“On Mondays we get told off by P.C. Murdoch for the hijinks we get up to over the weekend!”

“Get your belly ready, cos Tuesdays are takeout time! An army of menaces marches on its stomach, don’t you know!”
“Wednesdays are fun days at The Beano because we get to unbox awesome toys!”

“We go to war on Thursdays with the Commando comic! Sometimes archived artwork from the 1950s requires EXTRA protection!”

“We get that Friday feeling by pranking our workmates in true Beano style!”


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