#SYP2020: Five reasons to join us at 2020: A Publishing Odyssey

treat yo self
A few months back, we gave you five good reasons to come along to 2020: A Publishing Odyssey. Back then, most of what we had planned was still under a veil of mystery. Well, now our first ever conference is happening this month, and with just our closing panel left to announce, we wanted to give you a little update on just why you should get your tickets and come along on March 18th!

It’s not just books.
When you say publishing, books spring to mind, and while they will be the backbone of our conference, we have made sure to include magazines and comics in the day. In Scotland, all three of these sectors are thriving, and we will have insight to all the different industries, from lots of perspectives, for you to enjoy! Do have a look at our up-to-date programme.

Our keynote is pretty fantastic.
If we do say so ourselves. The Edinburgh International Book Festival is a staple in the book festival calendar for people worldwide, continuously pushing to broaden what they can achieve. Nick Barley, the festival’s director, will be hosting our opening keynote speech and promises to deliver a “rallying call to publishers, authors, editors, agents and readers to make the most of the amazing opportunities Scotland offers.” There’s no finer way to kick it off.

There’s a mix.
We have catered for young professionals and those looking to get into the industry as well as exploring the many fields of publishing. Our Hunger Games thread is perfect for those making their tentative steps in, with a CV workshop from media recruitment and publishing specialists, a careers panel from people with many routes into publishing, and our How To Pitch session, a valuable masterclass in a skill that’s not often taught early, but proves vital (don’t worry, you won’t have to take part!). Today, we even announced a Coding Workshop – a versatile but often missed skill.

It’s Scotland through and through!
All too often you can hear about certain publishing hubs, but the day is a celebration of how thriving an industry exists up north! We have representatives from Publishing Scotland, PPA Scotland, Birlinn, DC Thomson, Canongate, White Light Media, Floris Books, Black Hearted Press and many, MANY more!

It’s going to be a great day.
How often in life can you hear the Director of the world’s leading book festival deliver a keynote, jump into a coding workshop, learn about legal disputes in publishing or the dichotomy of words and pictures in books, and top it off with pizza and mingling at our afterparty? Not very. It’s going to be that little something different, and we can’t wait to see you there!

Get your tickets over on Universe. Don’t forget, we’re also offering a special deal for a year’s SYP membership for just £10! You can also join our Facebook event for up-to-date information.


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