Five Reasons to Get Your 2020: A Publishing Odyssey Tickets Now!

With 2020: A Publishing Odyssey just two and a bit months away, there’s no finer time to book your tickets! Give yourself a great day surrounding publishing to look forward to. Need another reason? Well, here’s five.

It’s a new year!
It’s the perfect time to, in the spirit of Parks & Recreation, treat yo self. If your passion, interest or career aspirations lie in publishing in some way, then this is the perfect event for you, and it’ll give you something to look forward to come March. Make your new year’s resolution to be involved with the SYP – it’ll be a great year if you do!

This is our first.
Why wouldn’t you want to be part of the first ever version of something great? Last century had a lot of seminal moments like the moon walk. This century, it will all be about attending the first ever SYP Scotland conference – you’ll be part of history! In years to come, when you’re looking back on your incredibly successful publishing career from inside your hovercraft, you won’t regret it!

It’s targeted for students and young professionals.
Industry events are always great, but at SYP Scotland, we want to give insight at the right level. On top of giving you a look into a wide range of trends and snapshots of the business, we’ll have workshops and skills-based events that are specific for those entering into the industry, or in their first few years, making it an invaluable day.

It’s in Scotland, for Scotland!

While many of the trends cross borders, we want to spotlight the thriving industry here in Scotland. There is a place for publishing away from the South and this day is going to be an example of how vibrant our publishing community is.

It’s cheap(er)!
Early bird tickets are currently available, but only for a week more! After this, our prices will go up ever so slightly. So, if you’re thinking of coming, why not save that extra few pounds? We have member and non-member tickets, and a really great bundle that includes a year’s SYP membership at a brilliant price!

2020: A Publishing Odyssey is on March 18th in Edinburgh. Get your tickets here, and join our event page for the latest updates. We hope to see you there!


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