Best of 2015: Committee Picks – Event of the Year.

One of the perks of being a book fan in Scotland is that there’s an excellent literary scene, from book festivals to author events, awards and more, so whether you travel further afield or stay at home, there’s plenty to enjoy. So, on top of our favourite book of the year, and Scottish book of the year, we took a moment to look back on the events that made 2015 that something extra special.dundee

Heather McDaid (Social Media Officer): Edinburgh Book Festival is the main booky thing I look forward to every year.  In 2015,  I made it to over 30 of their events, so the whole of August was pretty great for me! My stand out was Matt Haig’s Siobhan Dowd Trust memorial lecture, talking about the power of books.

Mairi McKay (Social Media  Officer): Ladybird by Design at Dundee Literary Festival. This was a really interesting look back at the history of Ladybird books in their centenary year. It was fascinating to see how the content and look of the books changed over the years.

Keira Brown (Events Officer): Sat amongst the likes of Michel Faber and Liz Lochhead, it was a marvel to be at the 2015 Saltire Society Literary Awards, which was nicely executed.

Catriona Cox (Marketing  Officer): Best booky event for me this year was the Saltire Literary Awards, it was a super evening (cheers for Saltire team) and I got to catch up with folk I’d not seen in a while.

Julie Stirling (Co-chair): Kate Tempest (Hold Your Own) at EIBF. Un-be-lieveable. Kate absolutely took my breath away with her stunning performance of a collection of the poems from Hold Your Own. Momentarily requesting a moment to find her zone, it was almost instantly that she dived head-first into the characters in these poems, grabbing us all with her. Her sense of rhythm is unbeatable and she really let every emotion play on her face as she recited the words – or ‘lyrics’ I feel I should say – for that’s how it felt.

edbookfestKirstin Lamb (General Member): My favourite book event of 2015 has got to be the Wigtown Book Festival, based in Scotland’s National Book Town. I’d never been before this year and the atmosphere was just brilliant. If you find yourself with time between scheduled events, then it’s the perfect place for a wander – there’s practically a bookshop on every corner! It’s a very different vibe to EIBF (my other favourite book festival) but just as superb. And the sun even came out for my weekend there! Magic.

Wigtown Book Festival.

Charlotte Brady (Student Liaison Officer): The Saltire Society put on a fantastic event with their literary awards and it was great to celebrate Edinburgh’s thriving literary community. Highlights for me included a performance by Wounded Knee and a chat with Michel Faber!

Franzi Heydrich (Secretary): London Book Fair.

What were the best events you attended this year? Let us know!


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