One Week To Go: Booky Christmas gifts!

There’s only one week to go, and if you’re struggling with Christmas ideas for the booky person in your life, or fancy treating yourself, we’ve had a browse around for some of the best literary presents for under £10 (which really means we’ve made our own ‘To me, From me’ shopping list). So let’s have a look…

MY BIBLIOFILE.jpgMy Bibliofile – £9.95.
So, you like reading books, and you like talking about books that you’ve read. So why not have a book to write about books that you’ve read? A booky journal of sorts, it’s like Goodreads for print purists.

Alice in Wonderland Miniature Book – £6.50.
Who wouldn’t want a teeny tiny library? This book, approximately 2x3cm and fully readable, is one of many, many miniature books available. You could have the library of your dreams, but fit it on a single bookshelf.

Magnetic Poetry – Pride & Poetry Edition – £9.95.
Fridge magnets are fine. They hold things that are important so you don’t lose them, they maybe spruce up your fridge, but now they can let you write your own Austen-based poems while you wait for your toast in the morning.

TEQUITequila Mockingbird – £9.99.
Who doesn’t like cocktails? Who doesn’t like book-themed things? 65 drinks with a literary twist that you can delve into for Christmas, because the mish-mash of bottles kicking around during the festive period will surely cover one or two on the list as a starting point.

Lumos / Knox Light Switch Decal – £1.99.
Light switches aren’t often the source of decoration, but who can deny a little Harry Potter goodness on the everyday item? Plus, a nice instruction manual if any non-muggles happen to show up for tea.

Edgar Allan Poe Cookie Cutter – £4.50.
Like, who wouldn’t want author-themed cookies? Really?

Wheesht Bookmark – c£4.
Keep your page when reading, and have a silent instruction for anyone who dares interrupt you just as the thing you were hoping would happen seems to be starting. Plus, it’s Scottish, which is, of course, the best dialect.

LIBLibrary Cards – c£1.70.
The fear of lending out books en masse can be alleviated by making your book collection a functioning library!

Go Away, I’m Reading Mug – £9.95.
Like the bookmark, it’s a (not so) subtle message to those around you. A nice little cup of coffee or hot chocolate and the newfound friends among the pages in front of you is all you need at that moment, thank you very much.

Aphra Behn Library Bag – £6.00.
It wouldn’t be publishing without a tote bag, would it? So, how about one with quotes in honour of the brilliance of a library? Wonderful.

Well, we’re about set for Christmas. We’re wrapping down soon for the festive period, so we hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and hopefully get a few booky stocking-fillers too!


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