October Event: Book Design: From Concept to Customer.

1.2 LR-20151007-191417983Every iconic book cover started life as a doodle…

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or so the saying goes. But in today’s publishing industry and ever-more visually-driven world, the way a book looks has become a key factor in its marketing and selling potential. So what’s the thinking behind an initial cover concept? And when that book reaches the shelf, how are booksellers aiming to maximise that look on the shelves and in the window?

Here at SYP Scotland we’ve invited a panel of experts for an evening of book design celebration. We’ll be hearing from Art Directors Rafi Romaya and Jim Hutcheson about their creative input at the very start of a book’s journey, and from Booksellers Marie Moser and Calum McGhie about different approaches to take when the final product lands in the shop.

Where: Blackwells on South Bridge, Edinburgh.
When: 28th October, 6pm

Free for members, £3 for non-members
Get tickets on Eventbrite / Facebook event


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