#SYPScotBookClub: All Things Music.

music booksFor the final quarter of 2015, our book club will look at All Things Music. Biography? Autobiography? Comic? Photo book? Rolling Stone interview collection? Whatever the book related to music, we want to hear about it. Comment your choice and you’ll be entered to win a brilliant bundle of music books!

You could win this prize bundle!

October – December: Your favourite music books.
Why? This is the busiest time for music books with (sorry) Christmas being round the corner, so it’s a great time so celebrate! There are SO many great books under this umbrella, and we’re ready to hear them! Just answer these questions and post them as a comment below.

1. Book/author:
2. Why you like it:
3. For fans of:
4. Describe in 3 words:

On top of prizes and great guest bloggers, we hope you’ll also be able to discover some brilliant new music books! Don’t forget to share your choice on Twitter with #SYPScotBookClub too! Keep up to date with us over on Twitter and Facebook.


13 thoughts on “#SYPScotBookClub: All Things Music.

  1. I honestly can’t pick just one, so these are the first two that I can’t choose between (and I fear I may be back with more!)

    1. Book/author: The Art of Asking: How I learned to stop worrying and let people help – Amanda Palmer
    2. Why you like it: I like Amanda Palmer, so there’s that. But really this book made me feel like I could take on the world. It deals with a lot of dark and personal moments, but it’s often brimming with optimism. From her old job as an 8ft tall living statue bride, to just her approach to crowd funding, it feels like she covers a lot, gives you insights to a lot, and makes you wonder: Why do you feel so bad to ask for help? Why do you think everyone will say no? It changed my approach to a lot of things, which largely led on to several things going on in my life at present. This is getting long. It just makes you feel good, like you can take on the world, and that asking for something isn’t quite so scary after all.
    3. For fans of: Creativity, inspiration, AFP
    4. Describe in 3 words:Uplifting, nice, creative


  2. Annnnd….

    1. Book/author: Just Kids – Patti Smith
    2. Why you like it: So, even if you don’t like Patti Smith, you get something from the book. It’s, first off, an incredible love story. Then comes the writing, Patti writes so beautifully it’s quite ridiculous. It’s two people invested in their art and each other. Then there’s passing cameos from Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, and while you know how the story ends (or may do) you still stick along because it’s a real story told in the most gorgeous of ways. (Trying to crush this down so it’s not a novel is tough and doesn’t do it justice!)
    3. For fans of: Poetic writing and art, Patti Smith and historic times in culture.
    4. Describe in 3 words: Poetic, art, heartbreaking


  3. 1. Book/author: ‘Me and My Friends – the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ by photographer Tony Woolliscroft
    2. Why you like it: It’s a gorgeous coffee table book with hundreds of photos of the band taken over many years by Woolliscroft. He provides loads of anecdotes and information that he’s been privy to through his time working with the band. A must-have for any fan.
    3. For fans of: Red Hot Chili Peppers! And 90s funk.
    4. Describe in 3 words: Fascinating, revealing, intimate.


  4. callum

    1. Book/author: Paul Stanley: Face the music
    2. Why you like it:Massive Kiss fan and Paul Stanley’s book gave a really interesting insight to the band.
    3. For fans of:Kiss
    4. Describe in 3 words:Heaven’s on Fire


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  6. 1- Love is a mix tape by Rob Sheffield
    2- memoirs of growing up, falling in love and losing a wife told through a collection of playlists/mix tapes. Reminders of songs you haven’t heard for years and a sucker punch of the emotions you felt at the time you first listened helps you to truly relate to Rob throughout.
    3- Anything!
    4- heart breaking, uplifting, honest.


  7. Not meaning to copy Heather but it’s an inevitable…

    1. Book/author: The Art of Asking: How I learned to stop worrying and let people help by Amanda Palmer
    2. Why you like it: A long time fan of Amanda Palmer (I have a tattoo that directly references one of her songs) it was no surprise I liked this. What I liked best was, actually, the audiobook. I think you need to listen to Amanda read her own words to truly *feel* the book and its message. The message is one of knowing when to look for help in music, professionally, personally, romantically and so on. Part memoir, part manifesto, it’s brimming full of ideas and Amanda’s artistic life from youth which can’t help but make you fall in love with her (again, for some) and her ideas.
    3. For fans of: The Dresden Dolls, AFP, generally the independent/DIY approach to music/art
    4. Describe in 3 words: Important, intimate & inspirational.


  8. Arusa Qureshi

    1. Book/author: Kim Gordon – Girl in a Band
    2. Why you like it: Kim Gordon’s my absolute hero. I was into grunge in a big way as a teenager and she was the person I looked up to most. ‘Girl in a Band’ is like an unprecedented look inside her head, from her childhood and life in LA to the start of Sonic Youth and marriage/motherhood. It’s heartbreaking in many places, especially when she discusses her marriage and relationship with Thurston Moore. Even though you can feel the anger in her words and bitterness at not being able to forgive, she remains strong and courageous and refuses to be the victim. That’s my favourite thing about the book; her unrelenting coolness. And one thing that comes through so clearly is the importance of art in her life and how art has allowed her to get through any pain and loneliness. I think it’s something that resonates with a lot of people, including me.
    3. For fans of: Sonic Youth, grunge, feminism, Riot Grrrl
    4. Describe in 3 words: Fearless, effortless, powerful.

    1. Book/author: Chuck D – Fight the Power: Rap, Race, and Reality
    2. Why you like it: I did my undergraduate English dissertation on the poetry of hip-hop and Chuck D’s book was basically my bible. He delves deep into the history and culture of hip-hop, writing critically about race, education, drugs and the music industry, amongst other topics. To me, Public Enemy are one of the all time greats in hip-hop and Chuck D is responsible for not only being a phenomenal rapper but for adding a sense of activism to a movement that thoroughly needed it. In the book, he discusses difficult topics like the east coast v west coast war and the murders of Biggie and Tupac in a really honest and thought-provoking way. Having someone from deep within the world of hip-hop discuss such topics so candidly and intelligently is refreshing.
    3. For fans of: Hip-hop, Public Enemy, Def Jam, African American cultural movements, racial politics.
    4. Describe in 3 words: Bold, fascinating, impassioned.


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  10. 1. Book/author: Photofantasm by Mike & Jaye English
    2 .Why you like it: Massive photo book made from fans all over the world, proceeds go to charity, and I was one of the many contributors.
    3. For fans of: Soundgarden, Chris Cornell
    4. Unique, Amazing, Excellent


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