#magfest15: Clare Smith: “It all comes down to knowing your audience.”

clare smithClare Smith – Scotland as a Brand – Magfest 2015

Clare, the chief marketing executive at the Scottish Government, gave us the breakdown on taking a government policy and translating it into language that can be digested by Scotland’s general public.  Here are her insights from life in the fast lane!

Clare started off by telling us a little bit about her history. A graduate of Stirling University, her first job was with Insider Business Magazine. Prior to working in Government, she worked for Edinburgh Napier University, KD Media and Business a.m. Rapidly climbing the career ladder she was appointed in her current role in 2013. Clare’s first insight: “Working life and personal life are intrinsically linked – especially on social media.”

The Scottish Government’s most successful campaign to date was their 2013 Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.  Clare spotted signs of breast cancer herself, following the campaign featuring Elaine C. Smith. She was diagnosed, treated and has now recovered. The campaign saw the number of women presenting symptoms to their GPs increase by 51% in the three weeks following the release of the advert. Clare pointed out it was this campaign which saved her own life. They also ran a hugely successful No Litter campaign which won the Pride best use of social media award. 65% of their target audience was engaged and 70% were motivated to change their behaviour – saving 357 tonnes of litter and £840k!

organIt can be hard to measure the response and effect of campaigns but these two alongside their Organ Donor campaign – which increased the number of registered donors in Scotland – were a direct call to action, which are easier to measure.

“No one audience is any one audience – any one audience can have as many things in common as they have diversities.”

The Scottish Government are building a brand – not to sell – but to be trusted. The key to success says Clare, is “audience, audience audience. It all comes down to knowing your audience.”

Nicola Sturgeon recently appeared in Vogue magazine – sporting the latest Scottish designers in order to increase awareness of Scottish brands in fashion and design. Vogue reaches a massive audience that the Scottish Government wouldn’t be able to tap into alone, and such partnerships are vital in building the Scottish brand.

The success of the recent social media campaigns have meant that Clare is now looking for more social media campaign managers to come on-board as a means of reaching the public effectively.

You can follow them @ScotGovMarketing and get in touch with @barryjohnwood if you would be interested in a partnership.


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