#SYPScotBookClub: A month of crime!

sypbookclub crimeSYP Scotland is excited to announce our next book club theme! We pick a core theme and look for your recommendations, so people can discover new  books, as well as share their own. You’ll also be entered to win a bundle of excellent book for taking part!

September: The Best Crime Book You’ve Read.
Why? September sees the Bloody Scotland festival celebrate all things crime, and we want to hear about those that had you gripped, shocked you or had you scratching your head as you tried to solve it yourself. Whatever makes it stand out to you – comment below!

So how do you take part?
Just answer these questions and post them as a comment on this post below. All comments will be submitted for a giveaway where you can win some excellent free crime books! (No one but us can see your email when you comment, and we’ll get in touch if you win!)

1. Book/author:
2. Why it stands out to you:
3. For fans of:
4. Describe in 3 words:

But that’s not all!
Across the month, we’ll have guest bloggers talking about their choices and more! So tell us about your favourite crime book, and you may well win some new ones, or Help someone discover a new favourite! Don’t forget to share your choice on Twitter with #SYPScotBookClub too!


10 thoughts on “#SYPScotBookClub: A month of crime!

  1. 1. Book/author: DM For Murder – Matt Bendoris
    2. Why it stands out to you: It uses Twitter as a way of going: “How do you solve a murder when there’s been 100,000 death threats in the last year online?” and it’s quite interesting to see a traditional police force thrown into realms of confusion by things like direct messages or hashtags. It’s just different.
    3. For fans of: Think tentative or younger people curious about crime would like this. It has all the hallmarks of good crime but feels really modern and with the times.
    4. Describe in 3 words: Hashtags, murders, confusion.


  2. 1. Book/author: Roseanna by Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo
    2. Why it stands out to you: Classic straightforward Swedish crime which is easily enjoyed
    3. For fans of: Nordic Noir, crime series collectors (10 books in the series)
    4. Describe in 3 words: earthy, political, procedural


  3. 1. Book/author: The Light on Dumyat by Rennie McOwan
    2. Why it stands out to you: fast paced Scottish story for children
    3. For fans of: mystery books, exciting stories, famous five/secret seven Scottish style!
    4. Describe in 3 words: please republish it!


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  5. 1,Book/author: And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie
    2. Why it stands out to you: FAV CRIME BOOK EVER. Loved the suspense, the buildup and the reveal.
    3. For fans of: Crime, Murder and Gore.
    4. Describe in 3 words:Flawless. Brilliant. Amazing.


  6. 1. Book/author: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
    2. Why it stands out to you: I love the dual narrative, and the way that Flynn plays with archetypes, you end up questioning everything.
    3. For fans of: thrillers, relationship dramas.
    4. Describe in 3 words: Dark. Tense. Disturbing.


  7. callum sharp

    1. Book/author: Ian Rankin, Standing in Another Man’s Grave
    2. Why it stands out to you: As one of the Rebus series, it’s based in Edinburgh which really ties the local aspect into the story.
    3. For fans of:classic crime
    4. Describe in 3 words: Rebus back in action!


  8. 1. Book/author: Neil Broadfoot, Falling Fast and the Storm
    2. Why it stands out to you: Because I’ve worked with the publisher and author, and having seen the joy of the finished book with them both and having been privileged to have worked with them. First part was great (and in Edinburgh! Recognising all the places is a big thing and helps to make the book that much more real) and second book was like returning to old friends.
    3. For fans of: “Tartan noir”, or Scottish crime
    4. Describe in 3 words: Excitingly bloody read


  9. Karen Sharp

    Knots and Crosses
    Ian Rankin
    Got me hooked on Rebus – grumpy, tenacious, curious and remarkable
    Crime fiction at it’s best
    Slow burn classic


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