#SYPScotBookClub: Books That Make You Laugh.

SYP Scotland Book ClubSYP Scotland is very excited to announce its new book club with a difference! Instead of choosing one book for everyone to read, we’re picking a core theme and looking for your recommendations, so people can discover new  books, as well as share their own! So what’s our first topic?

June-August 2015: Books That Make You Laugh.
Why? August is famed for the Fringe festival, a celebration of comedy known the world over, so we want to hear the books that made you laugh, whether it was giggling at a witty character or just jaw-aching laughter from start to finish.

So how do you take part?
Just answer these questions and post them as a comment on this post below. If you have a book you want to share, we want to hear from you. Don’t forget to share your choice on Twitter with #SYPScotBookClub too!

bubble1. Book/author:
2. Why it makes you laugh:
3. Why you like it:
4. For fans of:
5. Describe in 3 words:

But that’s not all!
Across the three month period, we’ll have guest bloggers talking about their choices, book giveaways, and more! So tell us about your favourite book for laughter, and help someone else find a new favourite book!

Guest blogs: Joanna Bolouri, Aly Sidgwick.


72 thoughts on “#SYPScotBookClub: Books That Make You Laugh.

  1. Layla

    1. Gangsta Granny
    2. because the Granny is funny
    3 – i like it because its a huge adventure
    4 – adventure books
    fun, funny, adventerous


  2. Laura Drysdale

    1. Gangsta Granny – David Walliams
    2 It made me laugh because of the way he describes the granny
    3 it is funny and a good story
    4 for fans of good readers and find stuff funny
    5 funny adventerous and good


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  4. Charlotte

    1. Book/author: The Sopranos – Alan Warner
    2. Why it makes you laugh: The story follows five girls from a Catholic school for one day, during which time they travel to Edinburgh from the Highlands to take part in a choir competition. Their behaviour is outrageous from the start, where they begin their early morning bus journey armed with booze concealed in juice bottles and crude signs to hold up to the window at passing cars. I found their antics and one liners riotously funny as they made their foray into the big city and I feel they were woven well with the intense, sometimes uncomfortable, but always heart warming revelations about their lives.
    3. Why you like it: I loved this book because it’s a celebration of youth, a time where you’re so free that you feel like you can do anything and nothing can touch you. I think I am most grateful to this book because laughing at the girls youthful indiscretions allowed me to move from feeling embarrassed about my own to a little nostalgic!
    4. For fans of: St Trinian’s
    5. Describe in 3 words: Touching, funny, outrageous

    *This book has been adapted for the stage and will premier at the Fringe this year if anyone is interested: http://www.nationaltheatrescotland.com/content/default.asp?page=s223_85 *


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  7. Reposting for book draw entry:

    1. American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot by Craig Ferguson
    2. Why it makes you laugh: There are so many reasons, including thievery of the stage name Bing Hitler and a bad acid trip involving killer ducks. Craig is a true comedian, and that comes through in his writing. Every story, no matter how heart-wrenching, has a kernel of humour.
    3. Why you like it: Craig has a unique brand of self-deprecating wit that is authentic, easy to connect with, and just plain fun to read.
    4. For fans of: comedy, Craig Ferguson, biographies, and dreams coming true.
    5. Describe in 3 words: Honest, varied, and fun.


  8. Parul Gandhi

    1) A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare
    2) Hilarious tricks played by Puck. There is a certain wit to this humour that appeals to everybody.
    3) I like the comedy aroused unknowingly that gives rise to consution.
    4) Shakespeare is for everybody. 🙂
    5) fun, classic, deep


  9. Annegret

    1. Book/author: The Bad Beginning / Lemony Snicket
    2. Why it makes you laugh: The poor children are always in danger, but they succeed to survive on their own.
    3. Why you like it: There is a brilliant humour!
    4. For fans of: Mystery
    5. Describe in 3 words: Symphatic litte horror!


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