Publishing Round-Up: 6th May 2015.

Miss our latest event? Don’t worry! We have a recap of our screening of Hey, Boo: Harper Lee and To Kill A Mockingbird. Must-watch for Harper Lee fans!

scholasticEight-year-old changes marketing in publishing! [X]
An 8-year-old has gotten Scholastic Books to stop marketing their books to specific genders, with other publishers set to follow suit. Els was annoyed to find a pirate book she wanted to read labelled ‘for boys’ in a catalogue, and she set up a petition that was signed by 80 of her friends and teachers.

Els said “Girls may not like things that are labelled ‘for girls’, they might want a monster book labelled ‘for boys’. Books should be for everyone and we all like different things. If you tell a girl she could not have one of the books she likes, when she grows up she might feel lonely because she thinks that all the other girls like pretty, pink princesses and she doesn’t.

“I don’t want my friends to grow up being sad and lonely because they think they are different. They should be happy because we are all different and different is the best.”

The Book Trade on #GE2015 [X]
The Bookseller has conducted a poll to see where the book trade’s voting intentions lay for tomorrow’s general election, with libraries and Amazon’s taxes key topics they’d like to see focused on. 46% of respondents said they were voting Labour, 13% Greens, 19% Conservative, SNP 6%. A full breakdown of voting intentions and topics of concern can be found over on The Bookseller.

james pattersonPatterson donates to AUS/NZ indies. [X]
James Patterson has already given grants for US and UK independent bookstores, but he’s now offering $5,000 to indies in Australia and New Zealand, from a $100,000 donation. He says he’s willing to part with such large amounts of cash as long, hoping it encourages children to read in some way as he’s concerned too many are at risk of growing up without books.

He explained, “There is no doubt in my mind that bookshops play an essential role in the community in getting kids reading. I have been inspired, moved and delighted by the innovative proposals I have received from bookstores in the UK and the US. And I have been thrilled to see the real difference that these grants have already started to make. I can’t wait to see the proposals from Australian and New Zealand bookstores.”

Richard and JudyRichard and Judy Book Club extended to 2019. [X]
It’s a bit of a staple for British television, and a prominent endorsement in W H Smiths across the country, and now Richard and Judy’s book club will continue until at least 2019. They will pick eight books three times a year – a Spring, Summer and Autumn book club – for the next few years. Their dedicated book club website can be found here.

Global STM Market Valued at $35bn. [X]
Received reviews of the STM industry’s market performance has estimated it at $35bn, also pointing to a market of $25bn with $10bn in journal revenues. Published articles are growing 3.5% per year, with 2.5m articles at present.

A full industry report can be found here.

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