#LBF15: Highlights from students & tutors!

lbfWhen you start studying publishing, London Book Fair is one of the first things you’re told about. Being offered the opportunity to go there as your course draws to a close not only consolidates much of what you’ve been taught through seminars and events, but is the chance to see publishing in action. So we’ve rounded up some students (and tutors!) from the University of  Stirling and Edinburgh Napier University courses to see their highlights from #LBF15.

Peter Usborne, Lifetime Achievement Award winner.
Peter Usborne, Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

‘Peter Usborne’s acceptance speech for his lifetime achievement award. Passionate, funny, & inspiring. He makes ‘yummy books’ (for 1 yr olds, literally)!’ – Claire Squires, Professor, University of  Stirling.

‘Learning more about YA fiction, particularly the YALC. It really confirmed that I want to focus my dissertation on the YA market.’ – Donna Kean, Napier University.

‘Plenty of publishing seminars are inspired me a lot. I can learn the real publishing business in the real world and have a chance to access to the professional leaders in publishing industry. It is really impressive for international students like me to know the UK market as well as the global perspective!’ – Yunxin Liu, University of Stirling.

‘Attending the Why Literacy is Important seminar and hearing about the national literacy trusts plan to bring up children’s reading comprehension by 2025.’ – Shelly Neal, Napier University.

‘My highlight: witnessing fruitful conversations between publishers and game developers and the latter’s presence at LBF.’ – Simon Rowberry, Digital Media & Publishing Lecturer, University of Stirling.

Publishing students: University of Stirling, 2014-2015, at London Book Fair.
Publishing students: University of Stirling, 2014-2015, at London Book Fair.

‘I really liked seeing all the different publishing companies from all over the world under the one roof – it really emphasised what a thriving community the publishing industry is.’ – Imogen McBean, Napier University.

‘Margaret Heffernan’s talk –  We Are All in it Together: Collaborate or Compete? “Nobody wins unless everybody wins” was the idea of this talk – collaborating is the way of the future.’ – Keigh-Lee Paroz, Napier University.

‘Joining the dots! Real life experience with Publishing Scotland and Fiona Brownlee at LBF was one highlight. Followed by a blind date with a publisher! We picked each other’s brains over coffee! I learnt more about the business, he learnt more about the crime writing event scene. New connections were made.’ – Miriam Owen, University of Stirling.

‘Seeing all the business meetings happening and knowing that the industry is still growing and operating on a huge scale, and also listening to the talks on literacy and how there are plans to improve the levels of literacy as it’s something I’m really interested in and think is extremely important.’ – Claire Cunningham, Napier University.

Publishing students: Napier University, 2014-2015.

‘It’s so professional, not every book fair can do this. Compared with the Chinese publishing industry, British publishing is very multifarious, because international markets, rights selling, ebook publishing and multimedia are all developed well. That’s really what Chinese publishers should aim to achieve.’ – Fanrong He, University of Stirling.

‘My highlight was Why the Role of Editor is Invisible No Longer because Alison Baverstock provided lots of great insights in to her recent research and it’s really inspired me to write my dissertation on this subject.’ – Megan Reid, Napier University.

‘I enjoyed finding out about the work of World Book Day, Save the Children and National Literacy Trust, and how they are working with the Publisher’s Association to improve literacy levels in children in the UK, because as a bookseller, English tutor and future publisher, this is a cause close to my heart’ – Mairi McKay, Napier University.

@SYPScotland Making our way round all the exhibitors. There's a lot to see! #LBF15
@SYPScotland Making our way round all the exhibitors. There’s a lot to see! #LBF15

‘I didn’t have the chance to see much unfortunately, but the general atmosphere made me excited to have chosen publishing. The Effective  PR & Marketing seminar really stood out, as it’s becoming a field of particular interest – insightful and interesting!’ – Heather McDaid,  University of Stirling.

‘It was nice to be able to walk about and just take everything in without the pressure of trying to make deals and see everything on my own schedule.’ – Kiley Pole, University of Stirling.

‘The highlight for me was the opportunity to meet with publishers from my home country (the United States) in an international setting.’ – Kerry McShane, University of Stirling.

‘My highlight was probably getting to chat to such a variety of people from all aspects of industry, particularly through volunteering on the APE stand. And it was great to now be in a position where I recognise faces from the Scottish publishing sector. I also bumped into an old school friend who works for Usborne, which was a nice surprise!’ – Christy Brown, Napier University.

And if that’s not proof of how exciting and great publishing is, we don’t know what is.

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