#LBF15: Day two highlights.

lbfOnwards! Another day of excellent events, so here’s a round up of photos, tweets and videos of some of the highlights.

The move to Olympia.
Jacks Thomas, LBF director says “We’re listening” in regards to feedback on the Olympia move. She says it’s been broadly positive but is noting concerns from attendees, and plans to work on them, likening the process to moving house and having to adapt.

Brian May talks 3D project.
Brian May talks about The London Stereoscopic Company, which looks into an intriguing 3D publishing concept. What do you make of it?

Working with BookTubers: One Year On.

@laxmi: #Booktubers drive a different kind of discoverability #LBFBookTube #LBF15
@laxmi: #Booktubers drive a different kind of discoverability #LBFBookTube #LBF15

BookTubers, Sanne Vliegenthart and Rosianna Halse Rojas, and Naomi Bacon (Pan Macmillan) and Anna James (We Love This Book) discussed the best way publishers can work with the BookTubing community for an informative and exciting talk.

Booktube is a platform for discoverability – they rely on word of mouth, which is a powerful tool, it’s like getting a recommendation from a best friend. “The potential for working with publishers is an opportunity for tight collaborations that make sense,” they continue, it’s just a case of working out how they’ll do it best.

It’s a real person talking directly to you and creating an audience bond, it has a community feel. It does help sell books, turning back to that best friend idea.  They’re a trusted voice.

“Booktube is keeping reading alive, young and fun.” Key advice: DON’T PUSH! Let people interact with their books how they want, keep it genuine. Individual content is important, everyone doing the same appears forced.

There’s more on adverts, interaction and data in the live tweets. Interest you? Here’s the #LBFBookTube tag.

Conchita launches new book.
2014’s Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst was at LBF to launch her new book.

We Are All in It Together: Collaborate or compete?
crimeSuccessful collaborations put readers first, says HarperCollins’ Sam Missingham.  Visiting professor Margaret Heffernan notes that, “Collaboration teaches us that nobody wins unless everybody wins.” Nic Bottomley of Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights adds, “When we collaborate, we strengthen the publishing industry.”

Sandra Taylor of Waterstones talks about the tourist who got locked in their store overnight. It was the kind of story that could be a PR disaster, but they utilised it into something positive. “Collaborations must genuinely benefit customer and be exciting, not just tick boxing lacklustre.”

Sam Missingham talks about the virtual festivals HarperCollins have been running, collaborating with people across the whole spectrum of the publishing industry to create something for the consumer.

The discussion continues, and the consensus seems to be that collaboration is the way forward, and that there’s no issue in owning your part in a collaborated work if you’re open about it. Publishers are all working towards the same goal: putting books in readers’ hands, so why wouldn’t they work together to do so?

lbfPublishing for Boys and Men
This explored ideas of what they read and why, questioning whether it’s right to brand them as reluctant readers.

‏@Joannechocolat: The problem has never been about boys not wanting to read books; but about adults telling kids what kind of books are “suitable”.#BoysAndMen

Jeff Norton (@thejeffnorton) added his say: Per yesterday’s #BoysandMen #lbf15 panel, thought I’d share my confessions on being a reluctant reader.  @Booktrust You can view his video here. Interesting topic for discussion.

@LondonBookFair The beautiful Conchita Wurst stops by the @booksaremybag bag. #LBF15
@LondonBookFair The beautiful Conchita Wurst stops by the @booksaremybag bag. #LBF15

Miscellaneous tidbits.
Some tweets are without context, some photos are just excellent, so here’s a random mix for inclusion.

@Mairi_MC: Around 63% of businesses on FTSE 100 are all white. 5% have a woman on the board. Publishing endeavouring to improve

@nordicnoir: Lovely to see ! Such fun!!!
(Check out Bloody Scotland’s website for more information on this year’s festival.)

#HowToGetIntoPublishing – An event from the previous day, but for anyone interested in getting into the publishing industry, this recap is worthwhile, so here’s a reminder!

DAY 2 001

On to the final day…


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