#LBF15: Day three highlights.

lbfThe third day of  London Book Fair flew by, so here’s our final installment of day highlights in tweets, videos and photos.

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Aedan Lias, 11-year old author, at LBF!
He writes and illustrates his own books, started at age 9 and already as 8 books published!

book breakPan Mac working with Booktubers.
After yesterday’s exciting talk about BookTubers and collaboration (See: Day two highlights), Pan Macmillan say they will be working with Youtube to expand Book Break, its book-based video brand through these Youtubers. They look to ‘[conceptualise] and [create] new video content’ and grow the company’s Youtube presence. Broadcasts will air more regularly at 10 minutes a pop, and it’ll be exciting to see what they do with it!

degreeDiscussion on publishing degrees.
Alison Baverstock was once again talking of the merits of a publishing degree. First of all, here’s three benefits of publishers working with universities:

  • The wealth of original research produced.
  • Provides students with academic thinking skills for industry overview, analysis and problem solving.
  • Publishing studies produces a well prepared workforce of the future with relevant skills and knowledge.

She notes that there is a commercial drive from the student’s point of view, wondering why they should spend the money on a publishing Masters.  Most publishing MAs have a business element to encourage wider learning about the industry, not just content creation.

It should make students more visible, credible and recruitable to publishers. Courses produce well-rounded, commercially experienced candidates with more in-depth knowledge of the industry. But be realistic: just because you have a degree doesn’t automatically give you the right to a job, you still have to work for it.

Don’t forget: degrees aren’t for everyone, and they aren’t the only way in. For more information, check out our recap of #howtogetintopublishing, full of tips for getting into the industry!

codingCreativity, Coding & Commercial Savvy.
Coding has come up to varying degrees throughout the Fair with gamifying content and digital possibilities, so we’ve found a few key points covered throughout the Thursday at this event.

  • @SkillsetSSC’s workshops sought to marry creative, digital and entrepreneurial skills, feeling they should be fused rather than treated individually.
  • “Start coding. Get good at it!” Even a fundamental understanding will help a lot, and can be started easily. Lynda.com is a good resource for learning.
  • It’s difficult to teach people not to be afraid of coding – it’s just another language!
  • @InspiredJobs: Coding, games, apps, audio-take time out of your schedule to think creatively. Time is precious, don’t let work eat it up, learn more!

cropped-syp11.jpegBlog round-up:
In case you’ve missed any of our posts these last few days, here they are in one place!

Until next time…
lbf 3


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