Publishing Round-Up: 10th April 2015.

hey booNext SYP Scotland Event: Hey, Boo: Harper Lee & ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ screening.
The announcement that Lee’s Go Set A Watchman was going to be released this summer has been the talk of the book world the last few months, so what better time to watch an excellent documentary on Harper Lee and her debut? Come along on April 30th to relax a little with this screening. Full event details.

SYP at London Book Fair.
It’s only a few days away, so now’s the time to decide on what events you want to attend at 2015’s LBF. SYP UK will be hosting How to Get In to Publishing, an expert panel who will be answering your questions and giving advice. The confirmed panelists are: Bridget Shine (Chief Executive, Independent Publishers Guild), Ellie Pike (Resourcing Manager, Penguin Random House), Dr Alison Baverstock )Associate Professor, Department of Journalism and Publishing, Kingston University), Helen Youngs (Consultant, Inspired Selection). Full event details.

edinburghEdinburgh’s bid for Scots Literature Quarter [X]
The multi-million bid hopes to see a stretch of the Royal Mile given an official status in recognition of its centuries of publishing heritage in the area. The focal point will be the Netherbow area, where Scotland’s earliest books were published in the 16th century, with property owners and art organisations joining forces to create a long term blueprint.

Ali Bowden (director, Edinburgh Unesco City of Literature Trust) said: “There is a lot of ambition for the area and all the partners involved see the potential in it. The area is a hot spot of literature and living culture organisations and it’s an environment saturated in Scottish literature and culture from the medieval to the contemporary.”

speak upSpeak Up For Libraries has released their manifesto [X]
Speak Up For Libraries is urging library users to make public libraries a central issue in the run up to the general election. They’re hoping to get candidates to sign a pledge when running, promising to “give libraries a long-term future, with a vision for their future development and clear standards of service.”

On their cause, Speak Up For Libraries have said: “[We believe] that libraries, far from being obsolete, are more important than ever. That is why we are asking the government to make a public commitment to their survival and development.” Read more on their website.

amazonAmazon is a ‘more modest beast’. [X]
Charles Arthur (former tech editor, Guardian and author of Digital Wars: Apple, Google, Microsoft and the Battle for the Internet) will be proclaiming the beginning of the end of Amazon as-it-is at London Book Fair’s Publishing for Digital Minds Conference next week. He says it’s not longer like Godzilla, “the enormous, violent monster that ravages civilisation” and “more like Ozymandias, king of kings.”

He argues that the Kindle hasn’t taken over the world and no longer reaches new customers, the physical book hasn’t died. Amazon’s hardware beyond the Kindle is struggling, and it’s outsold by Apple on most devices. He doesn’t think that Amazon will disappear, but come out of their current crisis a more modest beast than they are at present. Want to read more? Here’s the full article, and information on the upcoming conference.

Also: Edinburgh Book Festival are hiring! Lots of great job opportunities with the festival, so check them out.

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