Around the World in 8 Hours Virtual Conference.

Yesterday (18th March), The London Book Fair hosted their virtual conference, to give a really interesting insight into the publishing industry around the world. Here’s a recap of the sections we managed to catch.

vimeo#pdmc15: Publishing in China.
The event started with an early email linked to many posts about publishing in China, from how authors make money online to the potential for a graphic novel renaissance.

Rather than recount it verbatim, here’s the main link. The reason for that is because there’s so many interesting links to look through, each of which have their own little things to navigate, it’s better (and probably more interesting for you) to do it on your own time. Plus, this blog would be ten gazillions words long.

I do, however, have some highlights… Read full blog on publishing in China.

buku fixi#pdmc15: Malaysia – Amir Muhammad (CEO – Buku Fixi).
Next came a Twitter chat between Amir Muhammad, CEO of Malaysian publisher Buku Fixi, and writer, blogger and lecturer Niki Cheong.

Let’s start with background on Buku Fixi – they specialise in urban pulp fiction and started in 2011. They have published 91 books to date. Even before films, [Amir] used to write (for newspapers), so in a way, this is a return to his first love.

Can he give a background on the market for books in Malaysia is like? Niki asks because there is a perception locally that Malaysians don’t read – what’s his take on that?

“It’s not such a big market, but expanding (with the expanding middle class),” says Amir. “A fiction bestseller is about 50k copies.” There’s an expanding market, he continues. Population 30 million, with mainly Malay, but also English and Chinese books. Read full blog on publishing in  Malaysia.

flag#pdmc15: India Part 1 – Thomas Abraham (Hachette India) and Hemali Sodhi (Penguin India).
The next twitter chat of the day focuses on publishing in India with both Thomas Abraham (Managing Director, Hachette India) and Hemali Sodhi (Director of Children’s Content, Penguin India), moderated by Porter Anderson, looking at publishing in one of the world’s fasted growing economies.

The opening question: What do you see as the key trends in India’s industry?

“The market in India is HUGE,” says Thomas. “But for books, that translates more as future potential. While bestsellers grow bigger, what is worrying is that a title has barely 3-4 months of shelf life today.” Read full blog on part 1 of publishing in India.

amishh#pdmc15: India Part 2 – Amish Tripathi.
Amish Tripathi has taken Indian publishing by storm, bringing a sci-fi fantasy edge to Hindu gods. As he prepares to publish a new trilogy, he speaks to Porter Anderson on his experience of the publishing industry.

With his success – often with the mention of 2.2m copies sold so far – Porter notes that Amish says, ‘God’s been kind’. He’s a believer, yes?

“I’m certainly a believer,” he says. “Did have an atheist phase once, but I find that rationalism and dharma can go hand-in-hand.” Read full blog on part 2 of publishing in India.

sourcebooks#pdmc15: USA – Dominique Raccah (Sourcebooks).
The final twitter chat was with Dominique  Raccah of Sourcebooks, and Kat Meyer of  Publishers Weekly, focusing on innovation in publishing in the  USA.

Innovation is ‘s middle name (not really, but it should be). Dominique is the founder, pres + publisher of .

Curious – what is your favourite project at work right now? Are there any great innovative pub projects on your radar?

“One of the problems that I think is going to be important going forward is creating new ways to think about retail for books,” explains Dominique. “Watching a lot of people talking about that right now, in a lot of different areas, though, not specifically about books.” Read full blog on publishing in the USA.


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