Publishing Round Up: 24th April 2017.

PRH to pay work experience placements logo

the Living Wage  

PRH have announced that they are moving to pay work experience placements the national living wage (£262.50/week), along with assisting with subsidized accommodation alongside The Book Trade Charity, to help non-Londoners. The changes were announced in a bid to make publishing more accessible.

Tom Weldon, CEO, Penguin Random House UK, believes the measures will encourage greater diversity within the industry.

He said: “At Penguin Random House we want to be open to the very best talent, regardless of background. We also believe it is vitally important that the publishing industry reflects the society we live in today.

“But we recognise that only covering expenses for work experience has been a barrier for many young people in the past.

“Through meaningful and paid work experience, we hope to open the door to the next generation of passionate and creative young people, helping them to establish their careers, and develop a skilled pipeline of future talent.”


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Publishing Round-Up: 17th April 2017.

Scotland boasts the highest Library1200px-National_Library_of_Scotland,_Edinburgh.JPG

Attendance in the UK

‘A study by the Carnegie UK Trust and Ipsos Mori found rising numbers of families in Scotland with primary school age children, occasional readers and those who are “just about managing financially” are using libraries.’

Half of the 1000 interviewed confirmed they’d used a library in the last year. Scotland retains it’s spot as the top country in the UK for library usage

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#SYP101: Self-starters: Exhausting, but rewarding!

Going it alone may seem like a daunting, perhaps drastic, option. We heard from speakers from two start up companies who were happy to share their experiences of setting up brand new businesses in order to publish exciting, innovative content.

Heather McDaid, one half of 404 Ink, chaired the conversation, while Laura Jones, the other half, sat on the panel. They were joined by Hannah Taylor, founder of She is Fierce. An excellent panel to dive head-first into the world of going solo. Continue reading “#SYP101: Self-starters: Exhausting, but rewarding!”