#SYP101: The Good, The Bad and The… Young – Floris Books.

Ahead of our conference Publishing 101: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, Suzanne Kennedy, Sales & Marketing Manager at Floris Books, writes about Young Kelpies, and how it thoroughly ticks the ‘good’ side of publishing!


You see a gap in the market and you fill it. Right?

We launched the Young Kelpies list in August 2015 in recognition of the dearth of books specifically for Scottish reluctant readers and children in the 6-8 age range. At the risk of sounding incredibly earnest, the value of children seeing their locality, language, humour or background reflected back at them in a book is immeasurable. It’s about publishing books relevant to their readers.

So we introduced a Viking . . . obviously. Continue reading “#SYP101: The Good, The Bad and The… Young – Floris Books.”

#sypagents: Agents Uncovered

Head to any author advice website, and you’re likely to find the recommendation that writers should, in most circumstances, seek an agent. But what exactly does an agent do? And how do agents balance their clients’ needs with publishers’ requests? Our latest event featured a panel discussion delving into those very questions.

Meet the Panel:  

Our very own Kirstin Lamb, co-chair of SYP Scotland, led the evening’s discussion, and was joined by Judy Moir, Edinburgh based literary agent and consultant, and Taran Baker, who brought her experience as agent’s assistant at Michell Kass Associates to the table. Continue reading “#sypagents: Agents Uncovered”

SYP Scotland presents: PITCH WARS (#SYP101)


Do you have a book, magazine or just a really great idea that you want to pitch to a panel of industry experts?

As part of the Society of Young Publishers Scotland’s conference Publishing 101: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, we’re hosting Pitch Wars, the chance for you to pitch a book project, magazine, or generally brilliant idea to a panel of publishing experts and attendees at the conference. We have no restriction other than that it must be related in some way to the publishing industry, and will hopefully inspire you all to come up with your own ideas and projects to launch. What have you always wanted to create or publish? What is the book world lacking? Now’s the time to answer that.

Apply by Saturday 11th February via SurveyMonkey for the chance to be part of this exciting event. Those who are successful will have to present 5 minute pitches on 3rd March 2017 at Central Hall in Edinburgh, and answer follow-up questions from the panel. This is an incredible opportunity to put yourself and your ideas out there in a unique event.

Tempted, but scared? Don’t be! This isn’t Dragon’s Den. No one is going to ask you for detailed business plans, we want to celebrate ambition and offer support to those interested in trying something new. If you’d like a starting point on how to present your ideas, revisit last year’s How To Pitch session over on our blog.

The winner will receive free entry to a publishing training course of their choice hosted by Publishing Scotland and a free ticket to MagFest, PPA Scotland’s annual international magazine festival and conference.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us on Twitter at @SYPScotland, or via email at scotland@thesyp.org.uk. We cannot wait to hear your ideas.

Apply today by filling out the application form on SurveyMonkey.