#SYP101: Do Book Awards Make A Difference?


Book awards are everywhere and seem to have been around forever. They reward individual works, or lifetime achievements; they can be based on form, content or genre; writers are eligible based on gender, nationality or ethnicity. But what do we really know about the ins and outs of these myriad celebrations of authors, publishers and their works?

We dived headfirst into the world of book awards with a great panel – Robert Davidson – Sandstone Press; Heather Collins – Scottish Book Trust; Gráinne Clear – Little Island Books – to understand quite their place and power in the industry. Continue reading “#SYP101: Do Book Awards Make A Difference?”

#SYP101: Internships Anonymous

internshipsThe publishing industry has a complex relationship with internships. How can those of us trying to break into the industry gain experience, but ensure we are not being exploited? When we picked our theme for this year’s conference, it seemed natural to include a session on the subject. What was less clear was how we could best organise a session that would encourage participation from those who had completed placements with flying colours, those who had horror stories, and those who were unsure what to expect from internships.

We settled on a closed door session chaired by our very own Catriona Cox, so this post will avoid giving away the details of any individuals or companies. Luckily there were plenty of tips that weren’t unique to our contributors’ experiences, which we can divulge! Continue reading “#SYP101: Internships Anonymous”

#SYP101: Marketing 5×5 – Creating provocative conversations.

marketing5x5With so many amazing projects going on around us, we took a moment to celebrate just five and hear from those who worked on them. From World Whisky Day to YA sensations, we were given snapshots into a mix of exciting marketing campaigns making waves in the last year or so. Continue reading “#SYP101: Marketing 5×5 – Creating provocative conversations.”